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My Precious Faytaun

my life, my love, my world,

        my everything












                         Faytaun's New Baby Brother Isaiah





This Memorial Website was created In Loving Memory of my precious  son Faytaun. Who was born in Arkansas on April 23, 1999 to David and Chanda Wells. Faytaun grew his Angel wings on July 27,2005 and went to be with Jesus. Faytaun leaves behind his mama and dad, Chanda and David Wells. A brother, Jayden Wells. His poppy and nana, James and Virginia Byrum. A aunt and uncle, Crystal Wilson and Dustin Byrum. Cousins, Dallas Byrum, Kayla Alexander, Kyle Alexander, and Dylan Wilson. A very special cousin Faytaun thought of as his Auntie Christie, Christie Williams. Several other relatives and friends. Faytaun is dearly loved and sadley missed by all. Faytaun we all love and miss you very much. We all hold you close in our hearts until the day we are brought back together again. 









                                              Faytaun's Last Drawings



                                                   I will forever cherish them



Faytaun loved to draw. He always had a marker, crayon, pen or pencil in his hands drawing. Faytaun and I drawed lots of pictures together everyday. His favorite things to draw was cars and trucks or characters. Every since Faytaun begin to draw I have always kept every drawing he ever made. Didnt matter if it was just a sqiggley line or a page full I kept it. I have thousands of drawing he has made for me. Each and everyone of them have a meaning to them. I will forever cherish everyone of them. Faytaun mama still draws pictures for you and I hang them in your room. I miss all the fun things we did together. I love you Faytaun with everything I have in me.



      Luv Jayden


                                 Faytaun's favorite outside toys that he loved so much.






Faytaun loved to play with Hotwheels. This was one of his favorite things to do. He had a collection of 500. Faytaun spent lots of time doing different things with his hotwheels. He would line his hotwheels up all through the house. Every one had to be just straight. He would build ramps and roads and everything imaginable with them. He would get everything all ready and then he would come get his Mama. We always played together. Faytaun called it Hotwheel city when we played. We spent lots of time playing with all his cars.  This is something Faytaun was facinated with since the age 1. He knew every make and model of every vehicle. It was truly amazing. His favorite being Chevy Silverado's and Corvette's. Faytaun Mama misses playing Hotwheels everyday with you. I know you have all the Hotwheels you could imagain to play with in Heaven. Mama is still collecting them for you. We will have all the Hotwheels in Heaven to play together. I love you Faytaun.



                                                  Faytaun's Favorite Hotwheel

                                                   Faytaun Loved His
                                         Silverado's And Corvette's




                  Thank You Jana so very much! I cant tell you how much this means  to me.


                          Faytaun Loved


                         His SuperHeroe's


Faytaun loved his superheroes. His favorite being Spiderman, he always wanted to be like spiderman and help save everyone. He liked the Incrediable Hulk, he wanted to be strong like him. He liked Spuperman, he always wanted to be able to fly like him. He also loved Power Rangers, the red one was his favorite. He loved the Incredibles. When the movie first came out Faytaun took his best friend Sawyer with him to see it. They had so much fun. Faytaun always wanted to be a superheroe. He always ask me when was he going to get to be one. I would always tell him, Fay you are a superheroe, your Mama's superheroe. He would always give me that big grin of his and say I know. Faytaun your the biggest Superheroe to Mama there ever was. I love you.

                                                   Faytaun's Memorial Garden


Faytaun's memorial garden was created on his first angel anniversary. I wanted his garden to be heart shaped to show my love for him. We planted a beautiful tree in loving memory of Faytaun inside his garden. This was a  white bud tree. Heart shaped leaves to represent all the love Faytaun gave.  Faytaun's memorial garden was made by his mama,his daddy and his brother Jayden. Faytaun this is just a little sign of letting you know our love for you. You are so missed and loved by us all. Your memory will live on forever in our hearts. We love you big boy.






Faytaun became a Angel on July 27th 2005. Due to the neglect of Eight different Dr's. Faytaun passed from a disease known as Cardiomyopathy. I have all the Dr's to blame as I know they were at fault, although I know our father in Heaven was to take Faytaun wheather I have someone else to blame or not. For he knows our date and time when we arrive here on earth and when we are called home. He chose to call Faytaun home on the 27th of July. The hardest day of my life. The most glorious day for Faytaun. I know Faytaun is the happiest little boy now up in Heaven. Although I am the sadest Mama left here on earth to deal with the hurt and pain of loosing him, I know in my heart one day I will Join him. Oh what a glorious day that will be. Until then I hold him very close in my heart. I love you forever and always my precious Faytaun. 







                                                                  Thank You Alma 



     Remebering all our Angels on July, 16 2006


                                     Jayden and Mama wearing our Angel Kiss T-shirt


                                        Jayden sending a balloon to Faytaun


                                               Sending balloons to Faytaun



               Loved VeggieTales


                                                                 Thank You Teri


                               Remebering our precious Faytaun

                                         one year memorial clipping from newspaper





                                                              Thank You Julie




                                                              Thank You Jackie









                                                                                          Faytaun loved Scooby Doo 


                                                                                                        And the Movie


                     Faytaun loved

              Fairly Oddparents







                                 Welcome to Heaven

                                       My precious One                 










                                    SAFE IN THE HANDS OF OUR FATHER





                    Thank You Nancy

         Faytaun with his new friends in Heaven




                  Thank You Devon's Family


      Faytaun so proud to be a big brother

On May 17,2004 Faytaun became a big brother to Jayden. Faytaun was the happiest child to get to be a big brother. He was happy from the first time I told him he was going to be a brother. Every day he would ask me {Mama when is Jayden coming out}. The day Jayden was born was one of the happiest moments for Faytaun. The first time he laid eyes on him his eyes lit up like he had won a million toys. He had the biggest smile a child could have. Faytaun was a very big Mamas boy so I worried a little about the day we brought Jayden home. But not once was Faytaun ever jelouse of his baby brother. He would go around and help me out as much with him as he could. He understood that I had to take away some of the time we spent together so I could care for Jayden. Faytaun was so protective over him. He kept him right at his side at all times. One of Jayden's first words was Faytaun. He loved his big brother as much as Faytaun loved him. Although Faytaun had a short time with his baby brother he taught him everything he new. Faytaun Jayden knows you are his big brother and he loves and misses you very much. He holds your pictures and talks to you all the time everyday. He tells you morning when he wakes and nite nite bubby when he goes to sleep. Jayden will always and forever remember you Faytaun. I tell him story's of you everyday. You will always be his {Big Brudder}. We love you and miss you more than you will ever know.


                     Hey buby I picked this airplane out for
                     you. I love airplanes mama said you did
                     to. I luv u bubby
                                            Luv Jayden  


                   I got you this one too Fay






        To Mommy From Heaven

                 Mommy, don't cry, 'cause God is holding my hand,
                                        and telling me everything is Ok.

                    Mommy, God said I will never want for anything,

              and I will still feel your love all the way up here.

                                            Mommy, you should see me,

           I am running and playing with God's other children.

                   Chandler, Elijah, and Melissa are here too.

                      Just to name a few of my new friends. 

        Mommy, guess who helps watch over us while we play? 

                            They are God's helping Angels!

     Mommy, I'm not afraid, Arianna and Uncle Rodney is here.

        They came to me when it was dark and held my hands,

                         then we went to Gods bright light,

                           where the Angels were singing.

            Mommy, God said, if you feel sad, to remeber this,

               I'll be the gental breeze that brushes you face,

                      the sun is my smile and the rain is me 

                                 washing away your pain

                                Mommy I have to go now

          I'll send all my love to you on the wings of a Angel

                            Love from your son-Faytaun                         

                                                                   Thank You Terri




                           Please Visit this site if you have experienced the loss of a child


                                                   In Loving Memory 

                         Faytaun's Uncle Rodney James Byrum
                                   2-19-75 - 2-19-75

Faytaun's Uncle Rodney was born sleeping  on February 19,1975. As Faytaun grew up he always new all about him.  He knew he was safe in Heaven with Jesus and that we would one day be with him.  Each and every Sunday Faytaun would go with me to his grave.  He would help pull the grass and always pray. I know Rodney was there to greet him in a special way.  In loving memory of my baby brother and Faytaun's uncle. We love you both very much. 


                                                          IN Loving Memory


                                                 Arianna Chayanne Wells


                                                               Faytaun's baby sister




                                                         For God so loved the world

                                                    that he gave his only begotten son

                                                      that whosoever believeth in him

                                             should not perish but have everlasting life

                                                                        John 3:16




                                                       Hi Daddy Hi Daddy,

Hi Daddy Hi Daddy, It's me your son Faytaun in the sky. Won't you tell me Daddy, why does my Mommy cry? Dosent she know I'm happy here? Heaven is a beautiful place, Oh how it hurts me, Daddy to see tears streaming down Mommys face. Daddy, tell here I'm much better here. Jesus fixed my heart, but when I see Mommy crying, it about tears it apart. I know it hurt you both Daddy, when Jesus took me away. But you and Mommy remember we'll be together again. I can't wait to hug you, I never got the chance before. When it's time for you to come. I'll be waiting at Heavens door. Then you'll both understand, Jesus knew where I needed to be. What a marvelous place to live, just wait and you both shall see. Please let Mommy know Daddy, that I heard every word she said. And I remember her softly kissing me as I lay cuddled in her arms. Just one more thing Daddy before I go, I love you both very much, and just want you to know.
                            Love from your son - Faytaun 



                                                    Spongebob Squarepants 


                                             Faytaun's Favorite TV Show

                                                            Thank You Tamara







Faytaun you always have been and always will be Mama's boy. Although you have had to go and be with Jesus that doesnt change anything between the two of us. Mama still loves you just as much. Being apart from you is killing me, but I hold on to all of our memories. Because I know one day when I get to come to Heaven and be with you again forever you will still be Mama's boy. I remember when every one would tease you for being a Mama's boy. You always said {I dont care Mama if they call me a Mama's boy cause I am}. I would always smile and give you a big hug and a big kiss and say thats right. I love you Faytaun with all my heart. I cant wait until the day when your there to take my hand and say here I am Mama I'm still your Mama's Boy. That will be the greatest day. You will forever be in mama's heart. I love you Fay.







                                                           I said, God I hurt
                                                     And God said, I know
                                                          I said, I cry a lot
                          And God said, That's why I gave you tears
                                                     I said, Life is so hard
                  And God, said, That's why I gave you loved ones
                                             I said, But my loved one died
                                               And God said, So did mine
                                    I said, It's such a great loss
                       And God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross
                                         I said, But your loved one lives
                                           And God said, So does yours
                                                 I said, Where is he now
                          And God said, My son is by my side,
                                     and your Faytaun is in my arms!!


Thank You Diane



Loved Stitch 



                                                               Thank You Tamara
                                                      You'r a great friend to me too




                                                           Thank You Ginna


                                                                                                               Loved Nemo



         Loved to watch Powerpuff Girls





The love I have for Faytaun is a love like no other Mother's Love. The day I was told I was pregnant I was the happiest Mother alive. I bonded with Faytaun the whole nine months of pregnancy. I talked to him as if he was already here. On April 23,1999 I gave birth to the most precious gift in the whole world. As I held Faytaun in my arms it was a feeling I can't describe. I couldn't believe something could be so precious and give so much love. A true  gift sent from the Heavens above. I thanked God each and every day for giving me my precious Faytaun with all the love a Mother could need. Faytaun and I shared a very special bond. Growing up Faytaun was only cared for by me. He was never a moment away from me. If I couldn't take him with me somewhere I didn't go. Faytaun and I spent every moment of his life together. We spent lots of time doing all kinds of things. For I gave all my attention and all my love his way. Everyday we spent hours and hours playing lots of different things. The more attention Faytaun got the happier he was. He had so much love to give and thats just what he done. People use to tell me I was to close to Faytaun and I was holding him back. I didnt care what others said, I still carried our special bond. There wasn't anything anybody could say to make me not love him in that special way. The day Faytaun started Kindergarden was the hardest day for me and him both. I think we both cried enough to run a river for a boat. I sat in the parking lot outside of the school the whole day. It was one of the hardest times in my life to have to let go. Only did I know it was only a little of the way I would feel. For only a year later God would call him home and I would forever have to feel the pain of being away. Faytaun mama loves you more than I can say for there are not enough words to describe the special love I have for you. Just think of the times Mama would have to leave you at school. I always came back to pick you up. Now that  your in Heaven away from me once again, know in your heart Mama will be there to pick you up  again. Your not away from mama forever only a short time until God calls me home. Then I'll be there with you forever and I'll never have to leave you alone. I love you Faytaun. Your the lite of my life. God I pray to you to give me the strength to make it each and everyday. Until the day you call me Home to be back with my precious Faytaun.






                                                                        The Cord

                                                                 We are connected,
                                                                  My child and I, by
                                                                   An invisible cord
                                                                Not seen by the eye.

                                                                It's not like the cord
                                                           That connects us 'til birth
                                                              This cord can't be seen
                                                                    By any on Earth

                                                            This cord does it's work
                                                                Right from the start
                                                                It binds us together 
                                                              Attatched to my heart

                                                               I know that it's there
                                                             Though no one can see
                                                                 The invisible cord
                                                               From my child to me

                                                            The strength of this cord
                                                                 is hard to describe
                                                               It can't be destroyed
                                                                  It can't be denied

                                                           It's stronger than any cord
                                                                   Man could create
                                                               It withstands the test
                                                                Can hold any weight

                                                            And though you are gone
                                                       Though your not here with me
                                                               The cord is still there
                                                                 But no one can see

                                                                 It pulls at my heart
                                                             I am bruised..I am sore,
                                                            But this cord is my lifline
                                                                    As never befor

                                                              I am thankful that God
                                                               Connects us this way
                                                                 A mother and child
                                                            Death can't take it away!
aurthor Unknown~






                                                                                                               Faytaun Loved Building


                                                                                                                        With his Lego's

                                                     Loved Woody And Buzz









                                         Faytaun Loved His Gamecube

                                                He enjoyed Playing Mario and Hotwheels
                                                with his mama. This was his two favorite
                                                 games to play. Faytaun always beat me
                                                 playing Mario. He conqeured every level
                                                    on his Hotwheel game exept for one.
                                                        Faytaun mama finished it for you.



                  Faytaun Loved His Koolaid

             He drank everyday


                                                                                                    Loved to eat at 




                                                               Loved Micky Mouse

                                                              Thank You Tamara



                                                       I miss my Faytaun

                                    Faytaun mama misses you so bad 

                                             It's so hard and I'm so sad

                               For you to be gone and me to be here

                                      Is just too much for me to bare

              I miss your smile, your touch, your laughter

                and love, all your kisses and all your hugs

                      I know someday I'll see you again

                but remember you will always be with me

                                             till then

                                     I Love you big-boy

                                           Love Mama





    Fosters Home
for imaginary friends





Every time I see a Rainbow I think of you. For that was the first sign you had given me to let me know you made it through. Each time I see a Rainbow I sit and stare and think to myself what it would be like to be there. Each and every time a Rainbow apears I wonder to myself  if its you letting me know your are near.  I know a Rainbow is a special way of letting Mama know your ok. Every time I see a Rainbow I know your coming my way.  I think of you each and everyday. A Rainbow is a sign of love, you letting mama know your sending all of yours to me from way up above I love you Faytaun.


There isn't a moment that your not in mama's thoughts. I keep you with me in my heart every moment of my life.I miss you more than words can explain, but I want you to know your with mama each and everyday. I love and miss you so much Faytaun. You will never be forgotten. You was, you are, and you always will be mama's boy. I can't wait till the day comes when we are back together again.   






                                                        Loved Rugrats






Every day I look up at the sky and all I can do is think of you and cry. I see all the stars and bright moon that reminds me of you. You always loved the moon and the stars. Everyday you had to see them or you would cry and not understand why. You always wanted to be a astronaunt so you could go to the moon and fly. You always begged mama to go with you. I would always deny. I would say to you  I'm scared and you would always say mama dont be scared I'll get you there. Now that your up in the Heavens I know your the brightest one there. Your like a bright star that lights up the earth only your up there. Every time Mama looks at the sky I look for the brightest star around I say to myself thats my Faytaun shinning down. A star you are in Mama's eyes the brightest one out  there and God knows why.  I love you Faytaun with all my heart.




                               I would like to Thank a very special little girl for this graphic
                                                    Thank You Alexis Hunter's sister



                                             Keeping Your Memory Alive  

                                                                  Thank You Cindy








                    Loved Monsters, INC


                                         Paul Walker                                      Vin Diseal




Faytaun is a huge fan of Fast and Furious. Faytaun has always loved cars. When they came out with Fast and Furious he was so facinated over it. He got the movie and watched it so much he wore it out. He went through a total of three of the first Fast and Furious movies. He loved it so much. Faytaun had about every kind of toy you could imagain to do with the Fast and Furious. Then they came out with 2 Fast 2 Furious. He was just as crazy over that one to. He had every thing from that movie also. Faytaun's biggest dream was to get to met Vin Diseal and Paul Walker. Oh how I wished I could had made that dream come true for him. He would ask me every single day when was he going to get to met them. From then on Faytaun watched every movie they had out. I cant leave out Mia, Faytaun had a crush on her. I always told him you dont need no girlfriend and he always said yeah I do when I get older. I would always laugh. I love you {Calley} always and forever.                                      


                                      One of Faytaun's favorite scenes to the movie 



Bubby, look what I found for you!! I know how much you loved cars. I know you would love the new Car's that is out. Mama did my whole room in it for me. She said you would have had all of it too. Mama said you can still look down from Heaven and see it all. I wish you was here to play with me. I miss you bunches and bunches. I love you with all my heart. I will never forget you bubby I promise. You will always be my big bubby. Love Jaybird. 

                                                  Faytaun's Fav Carebear    

                                               He slept with everynight



                                                            Thank You Dianne

   Loved Brandy

   & Mr. Whiskers

                                                  A Cool Corvette from Hunter's mom


                                                               Thank You Tamara





                                My Heart has been broken,

                                My life has been changed,

                                       living without you 
                                       just isn't the same.

                                  I don't know how to live,

                                      for you were my life,

                           Being in this world without you

                                           just isn't right.

                    The day you left me my heart broke into,

                           apart of my soul went to Heaven,

                                          to be with you.

                                  Time can't heal the pain,

                                  the tears will never stop,

                                    I'll never be the same,

                               Until your back in my arms,

                             where we never have to part.

                               I'll always love you Faytaun






                                          Please, don't ask me if I'm over it yet
                                                           I'll never be over it
                                     Please, don't tell me he is in a better place
                                                       He isn't here with me
                                     Please, don't say at least he isn't suffering
                          I haven't come to terms why he had to suffer at all
     Please, don't tell me you know how I feel unless you have lost a child
                                        Please, don't ask me if I feel better
                            Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up
              Please, don't tell me atleast you had him for so many years
                       What year would you choose for your child to die?
          Please, don't tell me God never gives us more than we can bare
                                           Please, just tell me you are sorry
                     Please, just say you remember my child, if you do
                                    Please. just let me talk about my child
                                          Please, mention my child's name
                                                       Please, just let me cry

                                                Rita More
















                    Thank You for visiting my precious Faytaun
                    Please light a candle for him before you go.

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